Why Attend?

Every year, the Brandfest is committed to deliver fresh ideas and insights. This year, we are dedicating a special segment for e-commerce, opening up our speakers to a “Ask Me Anything” session and giving you ideas for creating “aha moments” for your brand throughout the conference.

Other key benefits during the Brandfest include:

  • Knowing how buyers in Malaysia have transited from GST to SST
  • Increasing e-commerce effectiveness with ideas from best practices
  • Using brand conversations for e-commerce product planning
  • Ways to strategize your plans within a changing media scene
  • How to deliver brand strategy over multiple mediums

This Year’s Topics:

  • GST to Tax Holiday to SST – A Deep Dive
  • Data Storytelling for Brands
  • Winning with Unique Campaigns
  • Media Direction Malaysia
  • Digital Marketing, Data and Technology
  • Just Ask the Practitioners
  • Everybody Loves to Eat!
  • Blended Brand Communications
  • PETRONAS the Pioneer Storyteller

E-Commerce for Brands

  • E-Commerce Best Practices
  • E-Commerce Marketplace vs Brand.com
  • Just ask the E-Commerce Practitioners!
  • Social Whispers and E-Commerce Planning

Snapshots for Brands

  • Powering Brands through Relevant Purpose in Malaysia
  • Prioritising Spend and maximising ROI through Various Touchpoints
  • Reset the Customer’s Journey: Closing the Expectation-Experience Gap
  • The Power of Neuroscience: Decoding what Connects
  • Getting Gender Right: Dispelling Stereotypes for Brand Engagement