Day 1: 15 May 2017, Monday
7.45 am Registration and Morning Coffee
9.00 am Welcome Remarks by the Chair
Andreas Vogiatzakis
Havas Media Group Malaysia

The Experiences of Brands that Have Evolved & Stepped Up to the Times with Strategic Rebranding

Zayn Khan
Chief Executive Officer (SEA)
Dragon Rouge, Singapore

Brand Custodians will in time pass by a red flag that clearly states “Rebrand!” History has shown that some act fast; and others after customers have outgrown their brand. This keynote address will unveil through case examples the valuable tips and considerations for effective rebranding.

  • Rebranding Best Practices: Packaged brands, Telco, Retail, Healthcare Supplements, Education, Financial, Services
  • Managing the timely journey – from Insights to Immersion to Delivery
  • How & why failures happens in rebranding
  • Key lessons for Brand Builders moving forward
10.00 am Morning Refreshments
How Cultural Insights Are Key to Driving Disruptive Marketing in the New Economy

Robin Nayak
Chief Strategy Officer
TBWA, Singapore & South East Asia

The world is changing at a pace faster than ever before and with it consumer expectations of advertising and marketing transforming too. Brands that remain stuck with legacy thinking about their communications risk being marginalized, while new rivals steal their share of the future.

This talk will discuss how 21st century communications need to be distinctive in their point of view and stay in tune with changing cultural triggers to be effective – it considers how people behave and how to invite your brand into their conversations in order to create meaningful dialogue, relationships and actions.

This case rich presentation will unveil how brands from a number of disparate categories have successfully engaged and transformed their fortunes through a combination of thought leadership and contemporary cultural insight.

Category cases: Healthcare, Education, Telco, Confectionary, Services
Connecting the Dots from Awareness to Conversion in the Rapidly Growing Frontier of Brand Marketing

Andrew Gnananantham
Chief Marketing Officer
Lazada Malaysia

For a time, brands advertising online had a shaky connection from impressions to sales. With the advent of large e-commerce marketplaces brands now have the ability to reach directly to targeted audiences and become more engaging and relevant to consumers. This inspiring presentation will share details on this key transformation in brand marketing in Southeast Asia and in particular, Malaysia.

  • How brands can reach to relevant and targeted audiences
  • How to maximize your Marketing ROI online
  • What are some ways to become engaging and more relevant to your customers online
  • Valuable lessons for Brand Builders
How to Challenge Regional brands that are Winning Consumers from MNC & Local Brands in Malaysia

Cynthia Su
Business Group Director
Kantar Worldpanel Malaysia

This trend cannot be ignored! Of late, and increasingly, regional brands have been pulling consumers away from international and local brands in Malaysia. This session will unveil the happenings and actions Malaysian brands can take to manage the challenges arising:

  • Showcasing how Regional Brands have entered Malaysia with unique propositions and winning consumers
  • Examples of real brands that have had their share reduced by the regional imported brands
  • Examining the unique propositions of these regional brands and how to defend/neutralise
  • Actions to ensure that Malaysian brands are least affected despite their presence.
Kupikupifm: The Brand Opened for Business in Sabah - and Now Offers Valuable Insights about the Commercial Potential the State Holds for Brands from Many Product Categories

Rita Sim
Director & Co-Founder
Cense Media Sdn Bhd, Malaysia

The state of Sabah may feel distant with huge swathes of green everywhere. But its population of over 3.5 million people must offer brands the opportunity to increase sales revenue – and at a time when brands are under pressure to deliver.

This presentation will share the experience of the new-fangled media brand Kupikupifm – its entry into Sabah, insightful appreciation of the people, and the successful engagement initiatives.

  • Insights: Sabah, its people, and about them as consumers!
  • The challenges of finding a blue ocean in a crowded media industry
  • Audience insights for kupikupifm: profiles and key nuances
  • Engaging them with relevant content and activities
  • Key lessons shared for Brand Builders of various product categories.
1.15 pm Lunch
An Interactive Session that will unveil the drivers and challenges associated with brand innovation, and offer ideas to emulate!

Freda Liu (Session Moderator)
Lead Producer & Presenter
BFM 89.9, Malaysia

Meet the People Who Push the Limits! An Interactive Session! Freda Liu will steer a discussion that will unveil the drivers and challenges associated with brand innovation, from a micro and macro perspective, and discuss what it takes to ensure that innovations in branding will deliver expected ROI.

Be inspired to push the limits of innovation with ideas & insights from:

Panel Members:
  • Chan Meng Yang, General Manager, Marketing, MAMEE-Double Decker (M) Sdn Bhd (Serves over 50 products, including favourites such as MAMEE Monster snack, Mister Potato Chips, and MAMEE Chef)
  • Gertjan Tijms, Director, Strategy & Innovation, TBWA (The Disruption® Company).
  • Kim Lim, Co-Founder, Picha Project, Malaysia (Innovative Social Enterprise).
  • Shawn Ng, President, Brandcare International (Malaysia’s #1 Package Design Consultant).

# Please email any questions you may have for the panel by the 8th of May to:
Despite the Odds, a Malaysian Brand Shares an Inspiring Journey about Winning in a Competitive Category

Boh Boon Chiang
Group Chief Operating Officer
Khind Holdings Berhad

With 6 product categories under its belt, the homegrown Khind continues to stake a claim as a formidable player in the Malaysian Household products category.

This presentation will unveil the journey of Khind, the drivers of its growth in the category through multi-branding, product innovation, market development; as well as managing challenges in the current environment – and the key lessons that Brand Builders can embrace.
4.00 pm Afteroon Refreshments
Tetley Tea: Now in Malaysia!

Rajat Kumar
Global Head – Business Development
Tata Global Beverages Ltd., Singapore

Tetley, a global brand of the 2nd largest tea company in the world – Tata Global Beverages, was launched in Malaysia earlier this year. This presentation will unveil the growth aspiration and plans that leverage market and consumer insights to establish the Tetley tea brand in Malaysia.
5.00 pm End of Day 1

In addition & in-between for 2 days:


Rumaizon Abdul Malik, CEO,
Ideascape Consulting Group

Presenting 10 Bite-Sized 60-Second Capsules with Ideas & Insights!

Design Thinking is about adopting a culture of customer influenced design, and addresses customer challenges in a radically new way. It can be applied to any aspect of your brand. Pepsi, Airbnb, Toshiba are some of many brands that are benefitting from Design Thinking in a big way.

Rumaizon will present 10 bite-sized 60-second capsules on Design Thinking; and leave you with inspiring ideas for brand development.

Day 2: 16 May 2017, Tuesday

7.45 am Sign-In and Morning Coffee
9.00 am Opening Remarks by the Chair
Andreas Vogiatzakis
Havas Media Group Malaysia

Balancing Act: Planning, Delivering What’s Right & Relevant For My Brand in This Era of Seemingly Complex Choices

Ramakrishnan C. N.
Entropia Malaysia

They say print is dead! Traditional media is to be side-lined! Smaller screens are ruling! Social-Digital is the in-thing! Programmatic buying is taking over! And you need answers for these questions!

  • What are the key trends in the media space Malaysia?
  • How do I use insights to shape the brand message?
  • How do I balance and integrate the right platforms to deliver the brand message? The considerations?
  • How will I do it?
  • The best practice cases: Beverage, financial services, retail, Paint, Airline, e-commerce etc.
10.00 am Morning Refreshments
Winning in the Moments that Matter to Gen X, Y, Z, Millennials and Silver

Divya Singh, Senior Manager, Client Service, Kantar TNS Malaysia
Pulkit Khanna, Head of Client Service, Kantar Millward Brown Malaysia

This not-to-be-missed case-supported presentation will unveil the status and potential of key segments to be considered by Brand Builders in Malaysia.

  • Unveiling the similarities, differences and opportunities between Gen X, Y, Z, Millennials and Silver Segments
  • Their varying responses to content and touchpoints
  • How Marketers can effectively engage them to grow their brands
How You Can Use Data to Deliver Magical, Mesmerizing & Memorable Customer Brand Experiences

Anser Aly
Senior Global Brand Manager
Unilever Asia

Many organizations of various sizes evolve into “data warehouses” over time. But taking advantage of opportunities that are “hiding” in the data is a challenge. This case-supported presentation will explain what you can do to benefit from data that is often overlooked by Brand Builders.

  • How Brand Builders must be interested in the stories data can tell
  • Turning data into smart data in real time for competitive advantage
  • Reconciling data analytics and the Brand Builder’s creativity
  • How Prescriptive Analytics can help shape Your brand’s future
Interesting Ways to Influence People & Build Brands through Impactful Story Telling

Alvin Teoh
Executive Creative Director,
NagaDDB Malaysia &
Bharat Avalani
CEO, Connecting the Dots, Malaysia

Story telling is the most powerful way to put ideas into the world today. This is a valuable opportunity to be inspired on how to put stories to work -- in lives and in bottom lines.

Inspiring engagements and enduring bonds must be the goal of every brand building journey. And it happens when compelling stories are positioned in between the brand and the customer. Compelling stories will stir where it matters – at the heart and mind! Compelling stories can increase brand affinity and saliency.

This interesting case-rich presentation will explain how brand builders can create and deliver impactful personal stories and brand stories.
1.00 pm Lunch
2.00 pm

Answers to Selected and Demanding Challenges Experienced by Brand Marketers in Malaysia

Kua Theng Hong, Principal Consultant
Mind Connect, Malaysia

Given the challenges in the present environment, many Brand Marketers would like to have these questions answered: How do I manage customers who are price conscious? How do I attract and win customers in a category that is not experiencing significant growth? How will I ensure that a new product launch will succeed today? What should my brand do to remain competitive? How do I manage brand loyalty in an environment of fast switching? These and other pertinent questions will be answered in this case-supported session.
Start by Understanding Social Behaviour Before Focusing on Social Platforms!

Jeremy Heng,
Chief Strategy Officer
Havas Media Group, Singapore

Snapchat? YouTube? Instagram? Twitter? WhatsApp? Rather than focus on the platforms to connect with audiences, Brand Builders must first figure out WHY they want to use these channels. A compelling idea propagated by a flow of content that is ‘share-worthy’ and ‘share-ready’ is at the heart of successful social campaigns. 

And it starts when You understand social behaviour before focusing on social platforms. After that – How do You prioritize social channels? How do You coordinate the various platforms? And steer the customer from awareness to advocacy? 

Category Cases: fmcg, services, retail, finance, telco, sports, education
3.30 pm Afternoon Refreshments
Red Flag: The 7 Deadly Traps When Navigating the Digital World; & How Marketers Can Avoid Them

Madhav Nayak
Marketing Director, Fabric Care
Unilever – South East Asia, Australia, New Zealand

As a Brand Builder, you are faced with a multitude of digital tools and technologies, each offering opportunities for your brand and business. But as you embrace the latest and most “in-vogue” platforms and practices, it is crucial to see beyond the hype and jargon that infests the digital marketing world and retain focus on the business goal at hand.

This case-supported presentation will unveil the “7 deadly traps” to watch out for as you navigate the digital world, and what you can do to avoid them as you craft a digital marketing plan for your brand portfolio. Delivered in a distinctive entertaining format, expect practical and relevant guidance that will simplify your journey through today’s complex digital landscape.
4.30 pm End of Brandfest 2017