The 15th Brandfest 2018

The 15th Brandfest 2018

Delivering Ideas, Insights and Information from the brand marketing space is at the core of the annual Brandfest – a forum that connects a selection of Thought Leaders and Brand Marketers.

The purpose of the Brandfest is to furnish what’s in-vogue and relevant, upskill as well as expand the capabilities of the Brand Marketing fraternity, and ultimately deliver brand marketing plans with greater value.

The Thought Leaders and Practitioners who share with passion at the Brandfest come with recognised credentials. They will inspire the present as well as the future generation of Brand Builders.

This year, at the 15th Brandfest, 18 of the region's Top Brand Experts will come together to share their expertise and experience to update You, and to help unlock Your brand's potential.

They will deliver inspiring thoughts and insights; and encourage You and Your team to advance Your brand's competitive position, ROI and ROE!