Topics 2018

17 Cutting-Edge Not-to-be-Missed Sessions!

Nurturing a Challenger Mindset

Staying Ahead of the Curve

Cultural Trends and Localization

Plugging into the Millennials

Creating Engaging Brand Activations

Research on a Shoestring Budget


 E-Commerce Reality Check

 Online Segments & Product Potential

Content Strategy for E-Commerce

Still at the Crossroads?

Transforming Digital Businesses

Managing E-Commerce Challenges

Moment is the New Marketplace

Market Trends & Insights

Unstereotype: Building Deeper
Brand Connections Through Intent

The Rise of the Machines

Building Meaningful Connections

In Addition…Presenting 10 Byte-Sized 60-Second Capsules with Ideas & Insights on “WHAT’S HOT in the DIGITAL & SOCIAL SPACE!”

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