Why Attend?

Every year, the BFM Brandfest is committed to the delivery of greater value to your brand and business development plans.

The 17th edition’s content will deliver actionable idea, insights and information across a range of not-to-be-missed topics that are listed below.

The practitioners and thought leaders will describe, prescribe and inspire you during their respective presentations. You will be exposed to numerous useful case studies over 2 interesting days. And to add more value, we encourage your active participation in the “Ask the Expert Practitioners Anything” sessions.

Topics at the 17th BFM Brandfest 2020

  • McDonald’s Loves Malaysia!
  • Building Strong Digital Capability
  • Micro-Influencers Deliver!
  • Growing in a Flat Market
  • Growing Amidst Competition
  • Actionable Media ROI
  • Making the Most of Your Portfolio
  • Thought Starter!
  • Just Ask the Practitioners!
  • Decoding Insights
  • Emotions Drive Brand Appeal
  • Actionable Social Digital Ideas and Insights for Your Brand

E-Commerce for Brands

  • Scaling E-Commerce Internationally
  • Solutions & E-Commerce Targets
  • E-Commerce Trends 2020-2021
  • Just Ask the E-Commerce Practitioners
  • Lessons from A Top Seller

Actionable Ideas to Grow Your Brands

  • Optimising Brand Exposure to Influence Future Sales
  • Tracking the Right Metrics to Measure Your Brand's Momentum?
  • 2020 Media Trends and Predictions